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Want to make incredible video content like Pierre Poilievre?

Here’s a simple formula that works for video (and any other kind of content!)

Hook. Retain. Reward.

#1 Hook — this is how you get people to notice.

→ “Trapped in housing hell?” What a hook, Pierre!

→ Every good piece of content should grab your attention like this immediately.

→ Attention spans are shorter than ever. You need to stand out.

#2 Retain — this is how you get people to consume.

→ Lists, steps, and stories are common ways to get people to stick with your content.

→ Pierre does this very well!

→ He explains a problem, tells a story, and gives a solution.

#3 Reward — this is how you get people to come back.

→ If you want to get value from social media, you need to GIVE value to your audience.

→ If someone enjoys your content, they’ll come back for more.

→ And when you’re ready to ask for support or money, they’ll be ready to help!

P.S. You don’t need professional gear to get started. Some of the best creators on are filming on iPhones. The MOST important thing is the quality of your content. If you have something valuable to say, say it!

P.P.S. If you’re looking for an incredible resource on how to make better content, go read Alex Hormozi’s new book. It’s called $100M Leads: How to Get Strangers To Want To Buy Your Stuff.

It’s a business book, but the lessons work in politics, too!

The audio version is available for free on his podcast. Search “Alex Hormozi” on your favourite podcast platform!


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