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Digital is mandatory for marketing relevance

Digital is effective. In fact, it is not just effective — proficiency in digital is mandatory for relevance in the world of marketing.

No one reads newspapers anymore, especially not their ads. No one has a home phone for you to call, and good luck finding cell phone numbers. No one has full cable service TV either. Drivers still listen to the radio, but you’re often paying upwards of $1 per second.

You know what people do have? Internet. And they’re getting more connected every day.

The market has changed. If you want to win your election, sell your product, or build brand awareness — you must go digital.

Think back to the best campaigns in recent memory—political, corporate, or otherwise. What did they all have in common?

The answer: digital marketing.

In 2008 the Obama presidential campaign changed the game with an amazing digital campaign, utilizing quality content, cross-platform consistent messaging, and a massive integrated voter database. Digital marketing helped Obama reach and engage the younger voters who propelled him to victory.

Since the 2008 election, campaigns have been allotting a greater percentage of their advertising budget to digital. In 2020, digital ad spends were the 2nd largest media expense for both the Biden and Trump campaigns, representing 26% and 39% respectively of their total ad campaigns.1

In Canada, we’ve been characteristically slow to adapt to the changing landscape, but the same lessons are being learned. The Trudeau Liberals have run thousands of ads, tens of thousands of variations, and spend millions of dollars every year since records became public.

While the Conservative Party has been behind the Liberals every step of the way, it’s undeniable that Pierre Poilievre’s leadership bid benefited greatly from amazing social media content and Poilievre’s massive audience on Facebook and YouTube.

The trend is clear: digital is the future.

Now, we’re not all national campaigns or massive companies.

Thankfully, digital campaigns can get you wins no matter the size of your organization.

Whether in business or in politics – good digital campaigns pay for themselves.

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