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Applying political experience to private businesses

People hate politicians.

Political branding is the harshest of all. The public has a strong inclination to distrust politicians.

The challenge for those who market politicians is building a brand of trust in a hyper-critical, fast-paced environment where everyone assumes a selfish motive.

Here’s how successful political marketers can get results for private-sector businesses:


In politics, everything is on the line—all the time. A single off-message comment or story can derail a campaign.

Political marketers are trained to scrutinize and perfect every detail of every message communicated by a campaign. It’s instinctual.

Laser-focus is vital to any campaign—political or private sector. Minute details are silent ambassadors of brand. Too many private firms have content on the edge of greatness but the little things are keeping them from perfection.

Good political marketers hone in on the flaws and make them strengths.

The effect: effectively highlighting the strengths and mitigating the weaknesses on the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. 

Creative mastery

For most people, politics is boring. That’s a fact. It’s up to political marketers to craft a communication strategy that grabs and retains the attention and interest of voters.

Cutting through the clutter starts with creative content: eye-catching graphics, interactive video, dank memes… Political marketers know when, where and how to deploy content in captivating ways.

During a campaign, content deadlines are daily and expectations for quality content grow.

For stress-tested political marketers, deadlines are a way of life. They fuel creative content.

Tired of business marketers asking for deadline extensions and not coming up with the content you need? Then an experienced political marketer with a proven track-record of delivering results against ridiculously tight deadlines.

Holistic approach

Political marketers are involved in every aspect of a campaign. This makes sense: politics is the business of marketing candidates and parties to win elections.

Diversified campaign experience teaches marketers in politics a valuable lesson: data is king. More identified supporters = more potential voters, volunteers, and donors.

Accumulating data takes integration. There must be a central location for data, and mechanisms for using it. That’s where political marketers come in. We specialize in accumulating, storing and using data to identify supporters, raise money, and measure success.

Business marketers are often siloed. They work in a marketing department and look at things from a narrow “marketing” perspective.

Political marketers need to be holistic. We know how things operate on a macro level and craft campaigns to maximize value and achieve results.

Fresh perspective

Politics is the harshest branding realm. The difficult environment forces political marketers to think outside the box, and constantly redefine winning strategy.

Business marketing tactics are getting old. People have seen the different versions of the same ad too many times.

Political marketers are an untapped resource in the private sector. It’s time for that to change: the private sector needs fresh, innovative ideas that help cut through the noise and differentiate your products from the rest.

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